Metcash, its Campbells Wholesale division and their suppliers, have chipped in together to save the centerpiece of Grantham in the flooded area of regional Queensland.

The independent Lucky 7 convenience store at Grantham has re-opened this week.

“My wife Sandy and I have been blown away by the brilliant support of Metcash, Campbells and the community to get us going again. Our store is the centerpiece of the town and our re-opening gives us and the community hope that things can return to normal,” Mick Halliday, Owner of the Lucky 7, said.

“We are overwhelmed by the response to our plight and can’t get over the generosity of so many people and companies.”

Metcash and Campbells Wholesale Division have worked with their suppliers to provide free of charge to the store, renamed Grantham Community Store, initial grocery stock for the shelves, fixtures and fittings, including freezers and cookers, signage and other services.

The store owners have also been given relaxed credit terms and a commitment by Metcash to ensure the store regains its financial footing.

Peter Dubbelman, chief executive of Campbells Wholesale, said the company wants to show its full support to help re-establish the town’s Lucky 7 store.
“We are delighted to have received the support of our suppliers in helping the outlet get back on its feet and look forward to working closely with them as the project continues,” he said.