The agreement between ACCC and Coles and Woolworths to phase out all restrictive provisions in supermarket leases will create opportunities for smaller players such as Aldi.
Matthew Barnes, Aldi managing director buying says it represents a major step forward in removing a manifestly anti-competitive practice from the Australian supermarket landscape.
“Restrictive provisions in supermarket leases have been one of the most significant barriers to our ability to expand the Aldi network here in Australia,” he says.
“Our submission to the ACCC last year highlighted this issue and the subsequent effect of depriving Australian consumers of greater choice and lower prices for their groceries.”
Over the last 10 years Aldi’s expansion has been significantly impeded by an inability to access leased retail space in shopping centres along Australia’s eastern seaboard.
“Since the release of the ACCC findings into grocery competition in July last year, we have been in constructive discussions with the ACCC and the government seeking a resolution,” said Barnes.
“We congratulate the ACCC and the government for the attention and resources they have dedicated to this issue over the last 12 months.
“The true beneficiaries are Australian consumers, as this now paves the way for introducing greater competition to the grocery retail sector.”