The Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) has written an open letter to Bonds ambassadors Pat Rafter, Sarah Murdoch and Michael Clarke to ask for their support in saving the jobs of Pacific Brands workers.

Pacific Brands announced last week that it would cease manufacturing in Australia, slashing 1850 jobs across the country. It later emerged that in the lead up to the job cuts, executives and directors of the company had received large pay increases. The company has also received millions of dollars in government support.

The TCFUA is asking Rafter, Murdoch and Clarke to urge Pacific Brands to reverse its decision and to publicly disassociate themselves from the company until it does so. 

TCFUA national secretary Michele O’Neil said that people looked up to the Bonds’ ambassadors and expected them to support Australian jobs and industry.

“This decision by Pacific Brands is a devastating blow to Australian industry, the community and of course our members who have worked loyally for the company, in many cases, for decades. We do not accept that the decision was necessary.

“These Bonds’ ambassadors were chosen by the company because they are great Australian role models. Now we need them to step up and save the jobs of their fellow Australians and to support Australian manufacturing,” said O’Neil.

She added that the support from the community had been overwhelming.

“Australian workers and the community share our anger over the actions of the company, and have been extraordinary in their support for our fight to save the jobs of Pacific Brands workers.”