The closure of 61 Australian Starbucks stores has created opportunities for coffee makers such as Xpresso Delight.

Working towards a more entrepreneurial model, Xpresso Delight places fully automated, commercial grade, gourmet espresso coffee machines into workplaces free of charge. With the coffees costing just $1 per cup, Xpresso Delight co-founders Stephen Spitz and Paul Crabtree said it was concepts such as these which encouraged consumers to turn away from outlets such as Starbucks.

“Workers are loving that there’s a now a cheaper alternative to the $3-plus cup of designer coffee,” said Spitz.
Considering the amount of time employees spend out of the office fetching coffee, Spitz said an in-house coffee machine would also offer businesses increased workplace productivity.

“We’ve found the coffee break has actually replaced the traditional cigarette break, causing serious interruptions in the work day and costing businesses more than they realise.

“For employees, having access to quality coffee in the workplace means increased convenience, no more waiting in queues at crowded outlets up to two or three times per day for a coffee. It’s also a great way to reward staff for good performance and impress your clients with great tasting coffee.”

Crabtree said it was in these difficult times that people are tightening their budgets and that cup of coffee in the morning would be the first to go.

“People are cutting back on non-essential spending and expensive coffee is among the first things to go, so it’s a smart decision to replace the morning trip to the local coffee shop with an in-house coffee machine,” said Crabtree.

“Xpresso Delight coffee is made from 100 per cent, gourmet Arabica coffee beans and the machines are easy to use, and make a real coffee in only 20 seconds at the push of a button. We also service and clean the machines every week, so there’s no maintenance required and if the machines break down we have a same day replacement guarantee.”

Xpresso Delight was ranked second fastest-growing franchise by revenue and 12th fastest-growing franchise by outlet in BRW’s Fast Franchises 2008.