Square has released two new products designed to help restaurant owners tackle staff shortages, boost their bottom line and increase operational efficiency.

Square for Restaurants mobile POS turns Square Terminal into a tool for restaurants by giving wait-staff an all-in-one restaurant POS in their pocket. Orders can be shared directly with the kitchen straight from the table, reducing errors and improving the customer experience, and wait staff receive total visibility into product availability and alerts.

More than half (55%) of restaurant owners are turning to automation technology to tackle staff shortages and improve efficiency, according to Square’s Future of Restaurants report.

Square Australia head of business development, Colin Birney said, “Restaurants have had a challenging couple of years. However, with staff shortages still weighing heavily on the industry, restaurant owners and operators are crying out for better tools to help them do more with less and give their diners an experience worth coming back for.”

Many restaurants are partnering with third-party delivery apps to boost their discoverability; however, it can come with added burden and maintenance across multiple vendors. Square’s new Menu Import function reduces the time taken to build menus in the apps.

“Selling online as well as in person doesn’t have to mean more admin. Automatically uploading your menu from one delivery service to another may not seem like a huge deal, but enough of these time-saving moments stack up and provide long-term benefits,” Birney added.