By James Wells at CES

LAS VEGAS: Sony unveiled four new ranges of Bravia televisions at its press conference in Las Vegas, three of which will be 3D compatible. Sony Australia representatives were in attendance and provided an exclusive video interview.

The top end LX series will be sold with two pairs of battery powered active shutter 3D glasses and a 3D receiver for the television. The next two series of televisions, the HX and NX will be 3D compatible and will have 3D glasses and receivers sold as optional extras. These three ranges will be supported by the EX series which will be only 2D compatible and marketed to the price-conscious consumer.

Apart from two EX models, all new models will feature Bravia Internet Video which will deliver additional channels of content free of charge.

The new televisions also feature an exclusive Monolithic Design which tilts the television away from the viewer by six degrees to assist with the viewing angle particularly when looking down at the unit from a couch that is positioned higher than the table or entertainment unit that the television is sitting on.

To support its 3D platform, Sony unveiled a new sub brand called ‘3D World’ and announced a number of new content partners.

With Sir Howard Stringer’s former company, CBS, Sony will embark on the company’s first consumer research project.

Sony has aligned itself with Real D to create the active shutter glasses for its 3D viewing experience.

Additional collaborations have been made with Discovery Communications and Imax for content creation as well as the PGA for upcoming golf tournaments.

Sony has also confirmed it will film 25 games at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and will demonstrate the 3D technology at various sites during the event.

Sony has also been confirmed as the key sponsor of the ESPN 3D channel from June.

As far as 3D and OLED are concerned, Sony mentioned that engineers are attempting to bring costs down and further announcements are expected in the future.