Shoppers across southeast Queensland are being encouraged to choose locally grown produce through a timely campaign being undertaken by Queensland Conservation.

The Grow Local SEQ campaign aims to increase the production and consumption of locally grown food across the region.

Campaign manager, Samantha Morris says shoppers have an important role to play.

“Food from local farms is transported a shorter distance than food brought from interstate. This means it can be picked riper and needs less chemicals to preserve it on store shelves. Eating local foods means you are eating seasonal food that is fresher, with the economic flow on effect benefiting farmers and the environment,” said Morris.

Queensland Conservation believes local food is good for the environment and good for people’s health and Samantha says the Grow Local campaign is as much about reconnecting people with the landscape as it is about protecting the environment.

“We really want to support growers and farmers in southeast Queensland,” Samantha said. “And we’re urging shoppers to get behind our campaign by asking questions about where their food comes from.”