A shopper left with a permanent back injury after being hit by a trolley in Coles has won a payout of almost $300,000, as was reported on www.news.com.au

Rebecca Tormey injured her back when she was shopping at Coles and was knocked over by a shopping trolley that two men were ‘playing around’ with.

She underwent surgery and was temporarily hospitalised after partial paralysis left her unable to walk.
Tormey sued Coles for negligence with her lawyers arguing Coles should have provided "supervision to ensure perpetrators of horseplay were spoken to and prevented from engaging in dangerous activity".

Judge John Nield this week agreed and found Coles “had a duty to prevent people in its store being injured by the misbehaviour of others”, awarding Tormey $298,224 in damages.

As far as an appeal goes, Coles is considering its options, according to a spokesperson.