Intelligent audio startup, Qsic has signed a multi-million, multi-year partnership for national rollout across the Shell Coles Express network, providing its retail audio offer that uses AI capability to deliver targeted media.

Recently launched, all 710 Coles Express stores across Australia have the advantage of Qsic’s end-to-end audio technology, which includes smart in-store infrastructure and intelligent audio software layers that personalise and optimise partner content. Ensuring that ads played throughout its network are as targeted and unique as their 3.6 million customer transactions a week.

The five-year partnership sees Coles Express and Viva Energy continuing to enhance Australia’s largest company controlled convenience network.

Shell Coles Express will leverage all Qsic’s smart technologies, including automation, demand sensing, advertising optimisation, and in-store engagement and attribution.

Qsic CEO and co-founder, Matt Elsley said, “As advertisers across the board deal with declining access to consumers, especially at the physical point of purchase, our technology and partnership with Shell Coles Express allows suppliers to speak directly to their target audience during the decision-making process. They will also be able to measure the impact of their ads and using AI, fine tune their approach based on a customer’s real time needs. This is something completely new and unique to the market.”

The Shell Coles Express channel uses, which analyses external data (like weather, traffic and previous customer trends) on a store-by-store basis to sense when product demand is likely to be high. It can then use this knowledge to insert supporting ads into a location’s speakers to increase traction and sales outcomes. They also leverage the company’s unique AVA (Autonomous Volume Adjustment) technology.

The partnership follows a successful trial across 20 Victorian Shell Coles Express stores late last year. The preliminary rollout showed that leveraging Qsic’s software recorded a healthy sales uplift across multiple product groups and SKUs.

Shell Coles Express executive general manager Michael Courtney commented, “We are continually looking for positive ways to form relevant connections with our customers. The trial we ran with Qsic proved we could provide a great experience for our customers and team members while providing customers with information about relevant offers whilst they shopped with us. We’re excited the national rollout is complete, live and delivering results.”