Electrical contractor SEDAC Energy Management has helped one of the country’s largest supermarket chains reduce their output of carbon emissions by landing itself a multi-million dollar contract.

Unable to disclose whether it’s Woolworths or Coles, SEDAC was given the responsibility to roll-out its power-saving lighting system in 525 supermarkets across the country.

As a result of this, the company won the Master Electricians Australia “Green Project of the Year” award.

The project involved installing automated systems to switch off unnecessary lighting out of hours and at times of the day when it was not needed. The system won the Master Electricians Australia “Green Project of the Year” for its innovative lighting control.

SEDAC national operations manager Craig Lewis said the company had developed a strong track record in achieving energy savings within retail environments, and the supermarket project was an extension of this record.

“We are proud of how we have been able to deliver the client’s main goal – energy and cost savings – while working under very tight deadlines,” Lewis said.

“This project has delivered precisely the savings shown by the trial sites, and was delivered by six teams working to the same exacting standard across Australia.

“As a result of this commitment to uniform quality and results, the client now has almost identical reductions in power use across all its stores, and will quickly recoup its investment in this significant project.”