Retail store owners looking for a camera system to provide both security and customer profiling should consider Panasonic's new Ultra HD intelligence surveillance cameras, according to product marketing manager Adrian Aliberti.

Launched today and available from Panasonic's B2B resellers Pacific Communications, DAS, Lan 1 and OPS Systems, the new system comes in both indoor and outdoor iterations, with the latter incorporating weather- and vandal-resistant features.

“These cameras offer organisations excellent performance and value," Aliberti said. "They are designed for very clear imaging, with the wide 360-degree view meaning businesses don’t need to install as many cameras to cover an area.

“The business intelligence features are built in, so the cameras can track people flow, identify hot spots and bottlenecks, and then provide data to allow the organisation to improve areas such as in-store marketing, and store layout.

"Inbuilt analytics tools allow the user to identify where people move and stay within an area, which in a retail context for instance, can help measure the effectiveness of sales promotions, while data privacy is protected through motion scrambling."