Many retailers will attest to the pilfering or theft of smaller, valuable items inside the retail environment, even by less than honest staff. Many current practices of hiding these valuable goods, usually in a cupboard beneath the point of sale areas, don’t usually provide the security warranted.

This is clearly demonstrated from a situation where staff at a 24-hour convenience outlet had easy access to the business’ store of cigarettes. The manager noticed that the inventory did not match sales. There was no CCTV monitoring of the staff, only the retail displays and petrol pumps. Had a secure and lockable storage cabinet been installed in the storage area, pilfering would have been significantly reduced.

Known for their range of secure tool boxes, site boxes, stores and dangerous goods storage facilities, Store-Safe now offers retailers a range of secure storage solutions.

The company’s secure storage facilities for retail use includes a range of single and double door cabinets. The range features registered locking system (where only authorised staff can access the cabinets), strengthened hinges, can be bolted to the floor for additional security and is manufactured using strengthened Bluescope steel.

According to the company’s managing director Grant Breeze, the retail environment is at a higher risk than many other workplace environments.

“The retail industry, because of its vibrant nature, is very people intense and many standard security practices, such as security personnel and CCTV, can miss some incidents of either theft or vandalism of smaller valuable goods.

“By using a secure storage cabinet, where only authorised personnel have access, theft and pilfering can be significantly reduced,” states Breeze.