The Western Australian retail scene will have a new kid on the block later this month when Rick Hart launches his Kitchen Headquarters retail venture, with an inaugural store opening in Osborne Park, Perth, focusing on high-end appliances and homewares.
The new venture is set to rival Rick Hart’s namesake retail chain, which was bought four years ago by collapsed retailer Clive Peeters and is currently in administration with reported debts of more than $140 million.
“It’s a pretty exciting concept,” Hart says. “We believe there is an enormous gap in the market. All of the big players are looking for someone that specialises at the high end with a showroom that sets the standard.”
The launch date for Hart’s new Kitchen Headquarters venture was accelerated by a couple of weeks following the collapse of Clive Peeters last month.
“We recognised that the unfortunate circumstances with Clive Peeters could make people uncertain about where to purchase appliances, so we will be opening early in order to provide more immediate choice,” Hart said last week.
“I’m saddened by the situation at Clive Peeters and hope that all those affected, both customers and staff, find some early resolution.”
Hart’s new Kitchen Headquarters venture was founded alongside Nicholas Kirby and Spiros Scafidas, and a helpline has been established prior to the opening of the first Osborne Park store for consumers seeking advice.
“To bridge the gap before KHQ can open its doors in a couple of weeks, we’ve set up a helpline for people needing advice on purchasing appliances,” Hart says.
“The KHQ helpline will offer an immediate solution for customers who need some sales support.”