Australian Retailers Association (ARA)’s Richard Evans has resigned from his position as the executive director of the association.
ARA president Roger Gillespie thanked Richard Evans for his service and announced ARA Councillor Russell Zimmerman is stepping in as executive director.
"The ARA Council appreciates the work Richard has accomplished in raising the profile of the ARA and opening avenues to have retail issues heard through the corridors of power,” said Gillespie.
“He leaves the ARA with a strong brand in the retail representative market and has given a tremendous voice to issues at the heart of Australian retailers.”
Zimmerman has 30 years experience as an SME retailer and has been an ARA National Council member since 1996, serving two years as national president. Since 2004 Zimmerman has also chaired the Australian Merchant Payments Forum which is involved in payment systems reforms.
"Over the coming weeks Russell will be in contact with retailers throughout Australia to discuss the increased member services including enhanced employment relations advice and to clarify ongoing needs of Australian retailers.
"Another key driver of the ARA will be to re-ignite the strong policy committee structures and engage with retailers to tackle issues in a timely and strategic manner," said Gillespie.