Australia is a global leader when it comes to the return to office, seeing 71% of workers back at their desks for a portion of their week, which has a noticeable impact on in-store shopping, as 55% of these consumers associate their return to the workplace with increased spending in brick-and-mortar stores, according to the latest Shopper Preference Report from Bazaarvoice.

The research also found that when queried about their spending habits, 51% of Australians say they spend more on in-store purchases, 24% declare they have no significant difference between online and in-store spending, and 24% state they spend more online.

Despite the growing importance of sustainable consumption, with three-quarters of Australians valuing sustainability commitments in brands, the cost-of-living crisis takes precedence in purchasing decisions. Over two-thirds (69%) of Australians buy at least some of their clothes from fast-fashion retailers, surpassing all other surveyed countries in this regard. 

The report delves into consumer behaviour, highlighting their interactions with retailers and the channels through which they make purchases. More than one in five (22%) of Australians make monthly purchases based on items they encounter on social platforms and this number jumps to 43% for consumers aged 24 to 34. Further, half of Australians have bought a product after viewing a video of it on social media, underscoring the preference for video content in product discovery, favoured by 61% of consumers over still images (22%).

Commenting on the research, Bazaarvoice managing director for Asia Pacific, Kate Musgrove said, “This research underscores the ever-changing nature of Australians’ spending habits, which are influenced by a range of factors including financial, convenience, and personal preferences. It also highlights the importance for brands and retailers to maintain consistency and accessibility across various channels to effectively serve to these diverse consumer preferences. By aligning with shopper preferences and ensuring a seamless shopping experience, brands and retailers can ensure customers keep returning.”