By Chris Nicholls

Retravision Southern has announced the sale of another company store and confirmed the ownership of both the latest sale and the initial Moorabbin store.

Retravision Southern chief executive, Tim Cockayne, said the Water Gardens store in Taylors Lakes had been sold to former Retravision franchisee George Cadal.

Cockayne also revealed Cadal had been the purchaser of the Moorabbin store, confirming his return as a player to the Retravision ranks.

The sale means the stores will remain Retravision stores.

“George has a long history in this industry, and I’m sure he will imprint his own way of doing things onto those stores, which I think will be very good for business,” said Cockayne.

While the sale of the stores has been confirmed, the official ownership transfer will not occur until 1 August for the Moorabbin store and 1 September for the Water Gardens store, he said.

The other stores’ progress is continuing as specified previously, said Cockayne.