After 17 days of an undecided federal government, Julia Gillard and the Labor Party is now back in position and has been welcomed by retailers today.

According to the National Retail Association, the end to Australia’s political statement will give consumers greater confidence.

National Retailers Association (NRA) executive director Gary Black congratulated Gillard on her victory, and wished her well in her efforts to lead a stable and effective government over the next three years.

“The last two months have been difficult for many retailers,” Black said.  “It is well documented that consumers delay major decisions on discretionary spending during periods of uncertainty, including election campaigns

“The drawn-out nature of the 2010 election deliberation has created ongoing uncertainty, and retailers will be very pleased that this has now drawn to a close.”

Black said the NRA is keen to work with both the government and the opposition to support the process of regulatory and legislative reform that retailers need.

“We also look forward to developing strong working relationships with the five unaligned MPs whose votes will be crucial to achieving better outcomes for retailers and their employees,” he said.