Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia has launched a national awareness campaign this month to educate shoppers about the difference they can make through their purchasing power of products that carry the FSC tree logo.

The FSC Friday campaign looks to build on the positive impacts the not for profit is having on Australian managed forests, following increased demand for responsibly sourced FSC forest products by Australian businesses, retailers and manufacturers.

With a 38 per cent increase in the number of FSC certified Australian products in 2013, shoppers are being encouraged to lookout for the FSC’s mark of approval on the back of a growing number of products on the supermarket shelf.

The logo can be found on everything from paper and timber items like tissues, pencils and matches to the not so obvious honey, rubber, charcoal, cellophane and even latex gloves.

FSC Australia CEO Natalie Reynolds said: “When a consumer buys an FSC certified product they can be confident every stage of its life has been assessed to ensure it’s sourced from a responsibly harvested natural or plantation forest, which meets the FSC’s rigorous economic, environmental and social standards.”

“The growing demand for FSC certified products among manufacturers and retailers is driving change up the supply chain with more local forest managers seeking to achieve FSC certification.”

“We want to get people thinking about where products and packaging comes from and the impact they can have by actively choosing products with the FSC logo.”

More than 300 Australian businesses currently hold FSC chain of custody certificates that show their products have been certified from forest to shelf – an increase of 176 per cent in the last three years.

The annual celebration of responsible forestry will run throughout September and lead up to FSC Friday on the 26th of the month.

FSC’s campaign is being well supported by business sponsors at all levels of the supply chain including global packaging giant Tetra Pak and global consumer goods company and leading tissue manufacturers Kimberly-Clark and Tork. Retail supporters include Officeworks, Office Max and The Linen Press.

“Leave a Legacy’ is our message this year, and we want all FSC members and supporters to spread the word about how buying products with the FSC logo ensures our forests will meet the current economic, social and environmental needs of Australians without compromising the needs of future generations,” Reynolds said.

Along with looking out for the FSC logo on products throughout September, supporters are encouraged to wear green on Friday September 26th and spread the message of the FSC through social media.

An FSC Friday Facebook competition has also been launched in Australia and New Zealand with the chance to win a luxury eco holiday of a lifetime, among other great prizes.

Source: FSC Media release.