With more retailers stocking Australian made products, consumers are now finding it easier than ever to buy Australian made products.
The new Furniture Industry Awareness Campaign (FIAC) tag featuring the famous kangaroo in the green triangle on one side and an endorsement from the Furnishing Industry Association of Australia (FIAA) on the back helps consumers make an informed choice on their purchase.
“It is in the best interest of Australian consumers to ask the retailer to show them Australian made furniture products,” said Kevin Feldman, director of FIAA.
“There are many benefits to be enjoyed from insisting on Australian made furniture – not the least of which is the peace of mind you get, knowing that the manufacturer is Australian, produces to Australian standards and doesn’t compromise on quality to achieve a price point.”
In this economic climate, consumers are more inclined to buy Australian made products including furniture and bedding, as they are more aware of the power of their purchase in supporting local business, local jobs and local industry.
"By buying Australian made, everybody wins – the customer, the craftsman, manufacturers and retailers,” said David Langworthy, founder and CEO of Bev Marks Australia.
“Consumers get a high quality product, while jobs, training opportunities and skills are kept in Australia. We at Bev Marks attribute our success directly to our decision to sell only Australian made products and display the Australian Made logo.”
FIAC is a national initiative to raise public awareness of the Australian furniture and bedding industry. It is a collaborative effort between the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign and the state FIAA bodies from Queensland, Vic/Tas and WA.