As the current economic climate continues to impact consumers’ buying choices, retailers have to ensure those regular customers keep coming back to their stores.
Home Timber and Hardware stores have introduced a retail customer loyalty program providing comprehensive rewards, customer relationship management and a communication vehicle to drive business growth and brand awareness, both on a local and national basis.
“Home Timber and Hardware stores are known for providing excellent local services to their customers. As a group, we are continuously looking for ways to build on those services,” said Ann Sanfey, brand planning manager.
“Our member stores indicated a loyalty program would provide a strong competitive advantage, building on existing marketing tools to increase local and brand awareness whilst enhancing customer relationship management.”
From the initial set-up of Home Team to signing up the first customer, Home Timber and Hardware stores are fully supported through the process.    
“Since its launch, we’ve had great feedback from participating Home Timber and Hardware stores, who are seeing the value Home Team provides their businesses in the short- and long-term,” said Sanfey.
In addition to customer relationship management, the program also provides detailed data analysis on a day-to-day basis.
“The DIY loyalty website is an integral part of the program and a valuable tool for business growth, enabling stores to have more involvement with the program and develop a ‘proper’ competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Sanfey.