DealsDirect co-founder and National Online Retailers Association (NORA) CEO Paul Greenberg is the latest appointed to the Federal Government’s Retail Council.

As part of his appointment, Greenberg will represent NORA, a new industry association and advocacy body committed to the well-being and prosperity of a technology led Australian retail.

He will lend a balanced and independent view on the big issues shaping the future of the Australian retail sector to better support all Australian retailers – both traditional and technology-driven – to build resilience against increased international competition and deliver to the needs of the Australian consumer.

"To survive and thrive, we need to serve Australian shoppers with a vibrant and diverse Australian retail landscape, not put obstacles in their way. NORA aims to be that catalyst for collaboration to ensure we develop the industry in a way that benefits both consumers and retailers," he said.

“We believe that Australia’s retail sector is readying itself for a technology and customer-centric led renaissance, and supporting this transition to ensure the future wellbeing of all retailers and auxiliary players who support the industry is crucial.  I am very bullish about Australian retail in the future, as long as we respond dynamically and proactively to customers' needs. The risk of inactivity is infinitely greater than the risk of activity."

Greenberg also argues the bigger question is less about how to protect local retailers from the offshore or international threat, but rather how Australia’s retailing sector can be strengthen to exceed the current offshore shopping experience.

“I believe we have a great base to build upon. Consumers still prefer to shop locally at stores they know and trust, however broader consultation with stakeholders including consumer groups, brand owners, marketplaces, technology and freight companies as well as new and established retailers is needed. A fresh voice of the debate will be a contributor to broadly congruent outcomes.”