By Charles Pauka

The projected growth of German supermarket chain Aldi in Queensland has been the catalyst for a second major distribution centre. The site at Brendale, north west of Brisbane, is situated on the site of a former brickworks.

Aldi plans to develop the DC to support retail stores in the greater Brisbane area and to its north. The centre will integrate offices, ambient warehouse and coolhouse facilities on the site.

Engineering consultants Norman Disney & Young (NDY) have been appointed to provide all building services across Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and Green Star Accredited Professional (GSAP), Fire, Vertical Transportation, Hydraulics, Communications, Mechanical, Electrical and Fire Engineering.

The distribution centre was recently registered for a Green Star – Industrial Design v1 rating and is targeting a 4-star Green Star rating.

As one of three industrial buildings in Queensland registered under the Industrial Design v1 rating, NDY was engaged along with the client’s design team to assist in achieving a building design that incorporates Green Star initiatives such as:

  • Water harvesting and recycling.
  • Energy efficiencies.
  • Coordination with refrigeration plant to eliminate synthetic refrigerants (zero ODP & GWP).
  • PVC and volatile organic composed minimisation.

NDY’s director Frank Bakker believes a Green Star rating for an industrial building in particular is a significant achievement given the perceived impact these buildings can have on the environment.

“There’s a general perception that industrial facilities equate to excessive waste, a heavy reliance on natural resources, and polluting practices. However, with the Aldi distribution centre, we have been able to greatly mitigate the impact on the environment through water recycling, improved energy usage and a comprehensive uptake on the use of biodegradable materials”.

Aldi opened its first store in NSW in January 2001 and currently operates over 300 chain stores across the eastern seaboard.

Site preparation works were completed in January 2013 and construction on the distribution centre is due to start in 2014.

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