The Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) has called for the federal government to establish a retail advisory body.

ASGA said there is a need for a formal retail advisory structure to advise the government on the Productivity Commission’s report and to ensure the industry owns responsibility for the outcomes and recommendations.

“The retail sector needs a central focal point in government to consider the recommendations and provide advice. The retail sector’s representative bodies are fragmented and competitive. All the major players and Government need to come together around one table,” Brad Kitschke, ASGA executive director, said.

Kitschke admits that given the number of different industry associations, federations and councils it makes it difficult for the government to consult the sector, which is why he urges the need for a central point of contact for policy advice and consultation.

“Retail representative associations all need to put aside traditional petty membership competition and work together. The Fair Imports Alliance, a coalition of industry Associations has lead the way, but to move forward others must overcome their historical differences and constant competition for membership,” he said.

“The sector cannot remain fragmented and competitive and the Government must engage one of the most important sectors in the economy.”