By Aimee Chanthadavong

DVD rental kiosk RedRoomDVD has partnered with pizza chain Pizza Hut to offer a one stop destination for pizza and DVD rental.

Michael Doyle, RedRoomDVD marketing and communications manager, told Retailbiz that watching DVD while eating pizza was a natural fit.

“Pizza Hut is not only the largest pizza chain in the world, they are also one of the most innovative.  We spoke with other operators and discussed the opportunity, but RedRoomDVD and Pizza Hut came out as the most natural fit,” he said. 

“Our vision of the future are totally aligned and our collective focus on value for the customer means there we can do some exciting things moving forward.”

RedRoomDVD’s DVD rental vending machines will be trialled in the foyers of three Pizza Hut outlets – Bondi, Marrickville and Doonside.

According to Doyle, based on the success of the trial, the company will be looking to extending the offer elsewhere, including the possibility of making home delivered pizza and DVD a reality.

“We have discussed some milestones for the trial, but not been too prescriptive on limiting it.  We will look closely at the trial’s progress in a few months and see if there are any opportunities to refine the approach before moving forward on a larger scale,” he said.

“Since RedRoomDVD has a bespoke software platform, we can work with Pizza Hut to make home delivery of pizza and a DVD a reality.  That said, there is a lot of developed involved in marrying all of the back-end systems to delivery a seamless experience to a customer. 

“We can apply all of the learning we do to how we deal with a home delivery solution.”