POPAI has announced its new leadership positions for the board of directors, after elections were held last Thursday.

PepsiCo’s Debbie Schubert has been appointed POPAI chairman, Sarah Nichols from Brown Forman takes the place of vice chairman while Anthony Steel of Frank Steel Display has been named as company secretary.

Karen Spear, POPAI general manager, said the team will help support the continuing work of the association.

“Each of the team has dedicated countless hours in service to the industry. They all bring individual perspectives, skills and networks to their roles. It’s a great balance and we’re looking forward to this new phase in POPAI’s development,” she said.

“We’ve also recently appointed additional on-the-ground staff. The work of POPAI is growing with our increased focus on Shopper Marketing as a whole as well as our core Point of Purchase offering. We’re delivering more and more to members and to the industry as a whole, and each member of the team is vital.”