Leading retailer for young sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts, Platypus has opened its 200th store in Pakenham, Victoria, approximately 60km southeast of Melbourne.

In 2007, Accent Group acquired 11 Platypus Shoe stores. Today, Platypus boasts a network of 200 stores across Australia and New Zealand, with 166 stores in Australia and 34 in New Zealand.

As Platypus opens its 200th store, the company has ambitious plans for further expansion. This year, Platypus has already opened nine new stores, with plans to open an additional 30 stores by the end of June. These additions bring the full store network to over 220, with New Zealand approaching 40 stores by the same timeframe.

Retail Brands divisional CEO, Armando Pedruco said, “As Platypus continues to hit growth milestones, we will continue to drive our key focuses for success, collaborating with our global brand partners, being disruptive in marketing, having a world class team and being a leader in youth cultural.

“The success of Platypus didn’t or doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the constant one percenters, small millstones and team culture which drives this business – Platypus has always had an underdog mentality, we are always looking for what is next and how we can go to the next level.”

The brand has also experienced significant online success with digital sales emerging as the largest store, attracting annual traffic of over 20 million.

“Our four-wall growth is a testament to the Australian and New Zealand retail landscape, our consumer may start their journey online and some finish it there, but there will also be a need for a bricks and mortar location, where consumers can experience the product and brand come to life,” Pedruco added.

“This is what sets Platypus apart, our in-store design, storytelling and theatre. When you walk through the doors of a Platypus store you feel the brand come to life, the loud music, teal lights and fun team.”

Platypus plans to continue its rapid regional expansion plan, already opening doors in the likes of Alice Springs, Mildura, Coffs Harbour & Albury.

“We saw that the regional consumer was shopping our brands mostly online or having to drive a couple of hours away, we wanted to provide the Platypus experience and world’s biggest brands to their doorstep.

“We will also be refitting our Chadstone Flagship store in early 2024, with a new premium fit out, that will focus on hosting an elevated product assortment, dedicated marketing strategy and best in class team. Then other flagship stores will be refitted to sit within this model, such as Pacific Fair.”