From January next year, more Perth retailers will get the opportunity to open their doors on weeknights and weekends.
The WA Government’s new plans allow shops in an expanded tourism zone to open until 9pm on weeknights and 5pm on weekends.
The Australian National Retailers (ANRA) CEO Margy Osmond said this is a real breakthrough for shoppers, employees, retailers and the Perth economy.
“More competition is good for West Australians and this announcement helps bring Perth into the 21st shopping century.
“For too long in WA there has been an illogical discrimination between retailers with some being allowed to open, and others being forced to remain shut. While we would like to see these restrictions lifted altogether this is clearly a step in the right direction.
“When Perth shoppers get a taste for the convenience of these trading hour changes, it will be difficult to turn back the clock. We hope for continuing reform in this area,” she said.