Reporting from National Retail Federation 2013 conference in New York, PayPal said in 2013 it will continue to drive innovation and partnership.

Specifically referring to Australia, the company said:

“PayPal is driving innovations that brings benefit to the consumer, acknowledging that cash and coins have been around for thousands of years, and still prove to be an easy way to pay. Whatever technology replaces cash needs to do more, providing both the consumer and retailer with greater value and convenience

“PayPal believes that by bringing value to the checkout experience “every day” with proven technology that is simple, fast, and secure and offering true benefits such as coupons, rewards and loyalty, we’ve uncovered a winning solution when people pay.  No bells, whistles or buzzes – just technology that works and gets the most from your money.

“Throughout 2013 PayPal Australia will continue working with Australian retailers and strategic partners to allow its 5 million active Australian account holders that currently have a digital wallet to pay for things from any device – an in-store terminal, their mobile phone – anything with a connection to the internet.”

In Australia, the company is working with a number of report ordering solutions such as Beat the Q to enable consumers to order and pay en-route via PayPal so that they can collect their order without queuing up. This is currently available at hundreds of cafés across Australia including Mecca Espresso cafes in Sydney.