Panasonic’s new projectors were recently installed in Star City’s Trophies Sports Bar, making it the ultimate sports experience.

Showcorp Group has installed four full high definition PT-DW10000E 10,000 ANSI venue projectors, which are used simultaneously to project multiple images on the massive 18-metre wide screen. With Panasonic’s multi-vision soft-edge blending software, the edges of the adjacent screens are blended and their luminance controlled, creating a smooth, seamless single image. 

Praising the viewing experience the projectors provide, Star City general manager entertainment, Bicci Henderson says its customers are impressed with the high brightness and full high definition images.

“The impressive multi-screen processor gave us the opportunity to use the four projectors to easily create one clear image on our big screen.”

The PTDW10000 is a Full-HD, wide-screen projector capable of displaying high-resolution images with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The three-chip DLP technology offers great resistance to deterioration.

The four lamp system offers 100,000-lumen brightness and if one lamp burns out during operation, the remaining lamps ensure operation is not interrupted. It also has an automatic cleaning feature, which removes dust from the filter to enhance longevity and performance.

According to Colin Baldwin, CEO Showcorp, these were key features as the projectors run for long periods of time.

“Panasonic’s PT-DW10000E projectors were the ideal choice for Star City’s Trophies bar. The sheer size of the 18-metre wide screen required clear and bright Full High Definition images offered by the PTDW10000E,” he added.