By Aimee Chanthadavong

The Oroton Group has expanded its Oroton brand overseas by opening its first store in Hong Kong.

Sally Macdonald, Oroton Group managing director, told Retailbiz that the company saw it as a great opportunity to introduce the brand into a vibrant international market that “love their accessories”.

“We have been studying the Hong Kong market for some time as we travel there frequently already and have a warehouse in the New Territories, as well as some staff in Hong Kong,” she said.
“Oroton is a much loved heritage brand and the modern or accessible luxury market is a great segment to be in as we start to grow our offshore business.”

According to Macdonald, the company will aim to stay close to its consumers in order to remain competitive against its international competitors, such as Coach.

“There is no doubt Coach is a strong competitor in Asia but we believe our product and brand heritage, although less known worldwide (yet!), is equally strong and that there is plenty of room in the market for more than one brand. We embrace competition as it improves and motivates our Oroton team,” she said.

“We are very focused on staying close to our consumer in new markets – working in store at all levels of management, talking to everyone and adapting, if we need to, to meet the local market.”

Macdonald said the company will continue to use social media, internet and database marketing to assist it in building brand awareness, internationally.

“The opportunities for expansion internationally are endless but we approach everything we do very carefully and some would say conservatively even – with strong financial hurdles and milestones in place to ensure shareholder returns are optimised.”

A similar store trial has been scheduled to open in Singapore in approximately three months.