Optus provided a glimpse of what shopping could look like in the future thanks to an augmented reality (AR) technology showcase at Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney’s south east.

Customers could walk past their favourite store and be alerted to in store specials, new items that match individual profiles, including stock availability and what the items look like on, all without stepping foot inside the store.

With just a Samsung Galaxy S20 in the shopper’s hands, the proof of concept application is from Virtual Immersive. Using AR, the app provides the user with interactive and highly personalised content based on the likes, dislikes and sizing that they have entered into their profile.

“Imagine looking for a pair of shoes you have had your eye on but you have little time to scour the shops looking for them. This application allows you to hold your phone over the image of the shoes instantly bringing up a list of shops nearby that have stock in your size as well as the stores with the best specials. Not only does this save the shopper time foraging through the mall, it also has the potential to save them money,” Optus vice president for content and product development, Clive Dickens said.

“Thanks to Optu5G, today’s showcase is a fantastic example of the benefits that 5G can deliver to both the consumer and the retailer, creating a dynamic and efficient shopping experience for the time poor consumer, as well as enabling unique opportunities for retailers to engage even deeper with customers.”

Virtual Immersive CEO, Simone Clow added: “The 5G enabled shopping future will give us greater control over our purchasing decisions. By utilising blockchain we can visually depict in AR where the materials from an item such as clothing were sourced, which is becoming increasingly important to savvy shoppers looking for sustainable and ethically made products. Personalised suggestions of outfits can also be presented to shoppers based on their profile and preferences, revolutionising the way we shop.”