oOh!media has partnered with Facebook campaign, The Kindness Pandemic, to share stories of kindness from the local community across its retail, street and rail networks around Australia.

These stories include teenagers offering to shop for the elderly to neighbours leaving flowers for one another that will see three new messages that have been posted to the Facebook group amplified by oOh! assets every week.

oOh!media chief content and creative officer, Neil Ackland said The Kindness Pandemic is gaining around 100,000 new members each day and is an innovative way of providing some reprieve from COVID-19 news.

“Our partnership with this community campaign is an important part of our passion to make public spaces better, drawing attention to these random acts of kindness from members of our local communities and at the same time encouraging family, friends and neighbours to continue acting with consideration and empathy.”

The Kindness Pandemic founder, Catherine Barrett said the partnership allows her campaign to reach more communities and spread the kindness message.

“oOh! Is helping to share messages of kindness to restore faith in humanity and to let the Australian community know that we, as a society, are kind and we have each other’s back,” she said.

“With almost 600,000 members, we are now focused on helping communities set up a local Kindness Pandemic group. This is where the power for change now lies – from local communities sharing acts of kindness and offering to help each other right through to local services sharing health information and local businesses providing updates.”