By Aimee Chanthadavong

Budget-conscious retailer Best & Less has launched its One Price Fits All collection as part of a national campaign to deliver female plus-size clothing at the same prices as other sizes.

Sarena Cambell, Best & Less head of merchandising, said as the company is mindful of growing competition it wants to deliver a line that will be suitable for any female regardless of age, size or budget.

“Our focus is speaking to real women and we’d like to address the real women issue, which is the real focus and inspiration for this campaign,” she said.

“Quite often the runway doesn’t translate to the real world. Also this focus is to show our understanding that plus size customers often do have to pay slightly more because there’s higher costs related to the fabrication process for plus size clothes. But when we spoke to these women they told us they feel they’re taken advantage of quite often.

“So for our business there’s a number of areas where we can apply the same style we have for regular ladies for plus size women at the same price.”
The One Price Fits All range features new styles, fabrics and a new design ethos, including monochrome stripes, pencil skirts and form fitting dresses with hints of lime, as well as jewelled necklines tunics and tanks. All pieces will be available from sizes eight to 26 and priced $30 or under.

“For us it’s about creating thrilling, and affordable fashion and basics at the right value equation for the budget-conscious customer,” Cambell said.
This campaign follows the company’s recently launched Real Women lingerie campaign that featured models aged 19 to 63 and size ranges from eight to 16.