Compiled by Patrick Avenell in Berlin, Germany

Here is an image gallery from our visit to the Berlin Apple Retail Store as part of our Special Feature: Lessons learnt from Miele, Nespresso, Sony and Apple retail road trip.

Stylised graffiti is very big in Berlin so it is no surprise that Apple included itself in this installation with blown-up replicas of its iPad and MacBook Pro units.

The two Apple logos on either side are the only hints that this is an Apple Retail Store.

The large open plan interior. You can see the small accessories annex in the upper right of this image.

Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods all connected and open for play, plus those wooden tables: signature Apple store motifs.

There is no doubt accessories suppliers compete to be in Apple stores – this set-up shows how well headphones can be merchandised.

The Apple Retail Store has quite a subtle facade; it is set in a very old building that was once a theatre, staff said.

This spectacular billboard on a neighbouring building is less subtle.

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