Smith-Gander, who is Perth-based, has had extensive experience in financial services as an executive with Westpac Banking Corporation and in management consultancy as a Partner at McKinsey & Company.
Wesfarmers chairman Dr Bob Every said Ms Smith-Gander had a range of highly developed skills which would be of great value to the board and the company.
“A diversified company like Wesfarmers will benefit greatly from Diane’s successful 25 year business career during which she has been involved at a senior level across a wide range of different business sectors,” he said.
“Her 11 years as a banking executive included responsibility for information technology services and for change management and at McKinsey for seven years she had exposure to a wide variety of businesses in areas such as financial services, pharmaceuticals and retail.”
Every added the appointment of Norman would give the board direct access to his extensive global retail expertise on a range of issues related to strategy development and the management of Wesfarmers’ extensive retail businesses.
“Archie has been working with Wesfarmers and Coles at the management level since October 2007 and has had a major role in helping guide the turnaround of the former Coles Group businesses,” he said.
“Following his transformation of the ailing Asda grocery chain business in the UK in the early 1990s, Archie has established an international reputation for his retail expertise and experience and he will provide invaluable advice to the Wesfarmers board.”
Every said Norman’s existing management consultancy would continue. In his new advisory role he would attend board meetings on a regular basis, as well as the board’s annual retail planning conference, and advise the chairman and the board as required.