Cloud communications specialist, Avaya has partnered with Australian engineering firm, InnerVision Engineering to digitalise the parking experience and help eliminate common frustrations faced by drivers when visiting carparks in shopping centres and airports, among other venues.

InnerVision has deployed the Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentralcommunications platform to power real-time customer support for its new ticketless and cashless parking app, Beyond Park.

The app gives consumers instant access to information for every carpark in supported locations, including venues that may not be partnered with Beyond Park. Commercial venues that deploy Beyond Park gain access to an all-in-one parking solution, including on-site software and hardware plus Avaya-powered web portal and help desk services.

InnerVision selected the Avaya Cloud Office communications platform to support every exit terminal and pay-on-foot facility where Beyond Park is installed. The secure, cloud-based software allows drivers who need assistance to use any intercom facility to instantly connect with the Beyond Park help desk, managed by InnerVision’s internal support team.

A bad parking experience can have a significant impact on customer perceptions, and it can cause a major dent to visitor numbers for shopping centres and the retailers in those venues, according to InnerVision Engineering founder and managing director, Darren Casha.

“Most of us have contended with the common frustrations when entering and leaving a car park. Securing a spot amid a sea of other drivers can take up to an hour, souring our shopping experience before we’ve even left the car,” he told Retailbiz.

“The Beyond Park app provides directions from drivers’ homes directly to venues, displaying the bays available in all car parks in drivers’ specified destinations. By leveraging the latest technology, the app identifies individual cars within 0.5 seconds, enabling the automatic deduction of parking fees from registered credit cards.

“The app improves traffic flow and removes congestion for visitors to car parks, which not only provides a stress-free experience for customers, but allows car park operators to attract new visitors and keep them coming back, a key concern as we navigate the busiest shopping season of the year.

“To further empower drivers, every exit terminal and pay-on-foot facility where Beyond Park is installed is supported by a 24/7 help desk,” Casha continued.

Avaya team engagement solutions lead, Jeremy Paton added, “Beyond Park represents a significant evolution for the parking industry. It delivers the digital customer experience that consumers have come to expect in today’s app economy, with Avaya in place to enable human intervention at the time its needed.”