Chadstone shopping centre recently opened its new Loop Mall. The Loop Mall, comprising 44 new stores, commenced construction in April 2007 and takes the total number of retail stores at Chadstone to 440. The new mall extends from Kmart and continues in a loop shape, re-entering the centre at Toys R Us and the popular lower level food court.

An additional 400 additional car spaces have been constructed to support the launch of this new mall, ensuring the centre maintains its record of being home to the largest shopping centre car park in Australia. Retailers to open within the Loop Mall include Mag Nation, Best & Less, Jeep, Jetty Surf, Pure Indulgence, Sportsco and Noni B.

Centre manager, Stephen deWaele believes the Loop Mall will provide Chadstone shopping centre with the increased diversity and added value for customers it needs to keep progressing forward.

“We have a strong vision for the future growth of Chadstone shopping centre, and the Loop Mall forms a significant part of this. We anticipate the Loop Mall will assist us in reaching our goal of being the very first retail shopping centre to turnover $1 billion before the end of this financial year. We are extremely proud of the Chadstone team who have been involved in delivering this new mall and look forward to welcoming customers into the centre to explore our expanded retail offer,” he says.