By Aimee Chanthadavong

Motorpass has launched a flash card, the Super Saver+ card, which provides a range of discounts including vehicle-related savings to restaurants, airfares, accommodation and cinema deals.

David Howell, Motorpass managing director, told Retailbiz that the card will provide individuals access to over 2,000 Australian retailers.

“To give consumers more value we’ve collected broadly available consumer discounts from a number of retailers, a series of good restaurant and accomodation destinations. So our customers can receive the best discounts,” he said.

The offers range from travel and leisure to car and shopping and include discounts at, Woolworths, AMF Bowling, Coles Express, Dreamworld, Virgin Blue, Caltex, Village Cinemas and more. Motorpass vehicle specific discounts include offers from Europcar, Goodyear, O’Brien and Ultra Tune.

“For retailer, this will mean repeat business," Howell said.

"The best way for retailers to make more is make sure existing customers spend more rather than trying to attract new ones. This does both it; it provides existing customers greater spending benefits and will bring new customers in the store, making it quite a good mechanism. It’s also about letting retailers take advantage of the growing prepaid and gift card market.”