In the lead up to the first Retail Council of Australia meeting later this week, Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury has announced additional members.

The existing members include Margy Osmond from the Australian National Retailers Association; Peter Strong from the Council of Small Business of Australia; Russell Zimmerman from the Australian Retailers Association; and Matt Levey from CHOICE.

"The Gillard Government recognises the importance of the retail sector to the Australian economy, and the Council will provide a valuable opportunity for the Government to engage closely with the sector and discuss issues of importance to the future of retail in Australia," Bradbury said.

"The Council was established in response to the range of important issues raised by the Productivity Commission in its inquiry into the Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry. These and other issues will form the basis for the Council's discussions."

Joining the founding members will include Deborah Sharkey from eBay; Joe de Bruyn from the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association; Milton Cockburn from the Shopping Centre Council of Australia; Philippa Kelly from the Bulky Goods Retailers Association and Shannon Walker from the Australian Sporting Goods Association.

"Together, these members will create a diverse and dynamic group united by their common commitment to building and maintaining a strong retail sector in Australia and will bring their own particular knowledge, experience and expertise to the table to inform the Council's discussions," Bradbury said.

In addition to the permanent members of the Council, additional participants may be invited to future meetings where the focus of those particular meetings could benefit from specific expertise or experience.