IGA Supermarkets has seen a record number of independent retailers converting to the IGA banner over the last six months.

Currently consisting of more than 1,300 supermarkets nationally, IGA has seen 13 conversions from other banners over six months to October 31, with a majority migrating from SPAR and Food works.

IGA chairman of the national board Mick Daily said the conversations have been accelerated following the launch of the company’s “Locked Down Low Prices” and “How The Locals Like It” campaigns.

“We are experiencing very strong conversions to IGA as our network is out-performing both the national and other independent chains in sales and market share growth,” he said.

The conversions during the half year compares with a total of 16 for the previous 12 months, while a further 27 new IGA supermarkets have opened across Australia in the six months to October.

Since many of the supermarkets have converted to IGA, they say sales growth has grown by more than 30 per cent over the last year with profits lifting up to 45 per cent.

Daly said the results reflected the benefits of using the national buying power of wholesaler Metcash and the strong promotions now in place.