Increased sales, improved in-store designs and positive customer feedback are some of the initial results seen eight weeks in as Mobil retail stores are converted to 7-Eleven.

The Mobil rebranding comes after 7-Eleven acquired the retail fuel business, with six stores already converted and another six to be completed by the end of December.

Warren Wilmot, 7-Eleven CEO, said in a statement the converted stores are performing according to expectations.

“All converted stores are generating a higher gross profit after converting to the 7-Eleven brand and sales are already better than they were as a Mobil after just the first couple of weeks,” he said.

 “Only two weeks after the first store, Clifton Hill (Vic), was converted, the store achieved double digit percentage increase in retail sales compared to average sales for the same period before the conversion. Additionally, we have also seen an increase in customers who visit the store just to purchase merchandise in all converted stores.”

Through the company’s exit surveys, it has revealed that customers are reporting an increase in satisfaction after the conversion.

“The results are a clear indication of 7-Eleven’s strength as a convenience retailer. This is a great outcome for our franchisees, employees and 7-Eleven, and we’re confident that the other stores will deliver similar results upon conversion,” Wilmont said.