Metcash’s hardware division Mitre 10 has entered into a joint venture with two hardware trade groups – Dahlsens and Capeview Building Supplies.

Mitre 10 plans to capitalise on the strong growth opportunities established by each hardware group. The Dahlsens joint venture includes 11 outlets in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and in Northern Queensland. The business also includes trade and manufacturing facilities including three frame and truss plants. The Dahlsens outlets in southern Australia will not be part of the new joint venture but selected stores will be branded as Mitre 10 stores.

Meanwhile, the joint venture with Capeview Building Supplies includes stores strategically located throughout Victoria, particularly in the Gippsland region. The company will use the new joint venture as a platform for its next growth phase.

Mark Laidlaw, CEO of Mitre 10, the Metcash hardware division, said the two joint ventures will further strengthen the trade capability of the Mitre 10 Group.

“These two joint ventures significantly strengthen the Mitre 10 trade footprint in the critical growth markets of northern Australia whilst bolstering our already strong trade position in the south. These joint ventures provide new platforms for growth. Both groups bring strong existing trade customers to the joint venture and the closer working relationship will benefit all three companies,” he said.

The terms of both Joint Ventures remain confidential.