By Aimee Chanthadavong

Metcash has been named as one of 31 Carbon Leaders in the Australia as part of the worldwide Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Since commencing carbon emissions tracking in 2008, Metcash is now on the Australia & New Zealand CDP Leaders Index after reporting for the first time this year.

Managed by the non-profit Investor Group on Climate Change, the CDP identifies companies now tracking their emissions on an annual basis.

Louise Rhodes, Metcash sustainability manager, told Retailbiz that there are number of reasons influencing Metcash’s decision to begin tracking its emissions.

“Metcash wanted to meet regulatory compliance, communicate to staff our energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions, understand the effect carbon pricing would have on the business, make management decisions based on solid date and have auditable carbon data management,” she said.

CarbonSystems Energy and Carbon Intelligence System
(ECIS) is a software that manages data capture and extraction through smart metres, supplier reports, internal business systems and documents.

Through use of the software, Metcash claims its emission data is 99 per cent accurate and urged other companies across Australia to commence the collection of their own carbon emissions data.

The CDP launched in 2000 is an international survey on the worlds’ largest listed companies on how they are managing climate change risks, opportunities and their carbon emissions.

About 3,000 organisations in some 60 countries around the world measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies through CDP so they can set reduction targets and make performance improvements.