Matt Blatt


Matt Blatt may be known for selling replica furniture and homewares, but co-founder Adam Drexler says it is actually an entertainment business that also happens to sell housewares.

“Just like Apple is an innovative tech business which, by the way, sells phones, we’re an entertainment business which, by the way, sells premium quality furniture,” Drexler told Retailbiz.

Adam Drexler Matt Blatt“The customer experience is at the forefront of every single operational, marketing and administrative decision we make. It’s what sets us apart from other retailers and it’s just a reflection of our personalities. Everyone at Matt Blatt is a little bit left of centre, which is exactly how we like it.”

Matt Blatt is backing up this customer-centric approach by adding three new showrooms to its network of 11 stores across Australia. The new stores will open in suburban locations, giving a wider range of shoppers the chance to interact with the products.

“Furniture is the kind of product that customers want to touch and feel in-store and we want customers to have a memorable, enjoyable experience in our showrooms,” said Drexler. “Our philosophy is all about banning bland in everything we do—in our stores, in our homes and in our lives.”

This includes experiences like the retailer’s upcoming ‘smashed avo, smashed prices’ promotion, where it will give away avocados in-store, and previous promos like having popcorn machines, coffee carts and gelato stands in its showrooms. “Our aim is to bring a smile to our customers’ faces when they’re in our showrooms and every time they think about Matt Blatt.”

Matt Blatt

The showrooms will feature Matt Blatt’s signature replica furniture pieces along with lighting, homewares and accessories, with regular new stock arrivals. “I’ve heard our stores described as ‘candy stores for adults’ and ‘an Aladdin’s cave of fabulous finds’,” said Drexler. “People can spend hours in our stores because there is always some new treasure to uncover and we’re always changing.”

The new stores will open over a period of three weeks during late November and early December and are located in Balgowlah, NSW and Oakleigh and Blackburn in Victoria.

They will be supported by a second distribution centre, also in Oakleigh, which Matt Blatt expansion manager Ehren Ozimek-Coles said will lead to reduced delivery costs for Victorian shoppers and quicker delivery for those in South Australia.


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