Fresh handmade cosmetics brand, Lush has opened its first-ever Australian concept store in Adelaide, alongside its new and improved Melbourne flagship store, both designed with repurposed furniture alongside ethically sourced and durable materials.  

The new stores incorporate recycled and repurposed materials including countertops using post-consumer waste from yoghurt posts and plastic packaging as well as more energy efficient LED lighting.

“At Lush, we put sustainability and the ethical sourcing of materials at the forefront of not only the ingredients that go into our fresh handmade cosmetics, but also the design and construction of our beautiful and innovative stores,” Lush retail operations manager, Amy Irvin said.

Alongside the new look store reveal in Adelaide, Lush is giving customers the first look at its limited edition Halloween range, Lord of Misrule including the Spooky Refreshment Bar and cult favourite products such as the bath bomb, perfume, and shower gel.

Lush Adelaide is encouraging customers to bring back any full sized Lush plastic packaging to their local Lush shop to be recycled as part of their new packaging returns scheme. For each Lush plastic item returned, customers will receive a $1 deposit to spend on their Lush basket that day.