STRAND’s new luggage brand, Nere, known for its fusion of fashion, function, quality, and value, is opening its first bricks-and-mortar in Melbourne, Australia.

The expansion marks a significant milestone for the brand, making Nere accessible to customers in the physical retail space for the first time.

Located in Melbourne Central at the corner of La Trobe and Swanston Streets, is the dynamic space that connects universities and transit hubs, predominantly attracting the Gen Z demographic, making it the perfect destination for Nere’s inaugural physical store.

STRAND Group CEO, Felicity McGahan said, “The location of the first Nere store in Melbourne is a melting pot of Gen Z customers. Nere’s decision to open its first store so early into the brand journey stems from the incredible growth and demand since launching as part of the STRAND family over a year ago.

“Nere has redefined the world of travel with its range of luggage, offering a harmonious blend of style, practicality, and affordability. The brand has consistently exceeded expectations and garnered a global following, including a successful launch in the UK recently.

“In the first year of business, Nere has sold over 1.6 million pieces of luggage; and during Cyber Week in 2022, the brand achieved the remarkable feat of selling a piece of Nere luggage every 10 seconds. The overwhelming customer demand has been a driving force behind the decision to open a physical store.

“Despite this venture, Nere will remain committed to its partnership with STRAND, ensuring that customers can continue to access their products through STRAND retailers and online platforms. We have huge ambitions for Nere and it plays a key role in our next chapter of growth. As we look forward into the brands future, we want to make sure we engage with the next generation of travellers and bring the lifestyle of Nere to life.”