A three month trial is underway where Campbell Wholesale’s Lucky 7 convenience stores will be installed in selected Blockbuster and Video Ezy stores.

Taking on the concept of a store within a store, the Lucky 7 stores will be owned and operated by the video store franchisee.

Peter Dubbelman, Campbells Wholesale CEO, said the trial will be a key development for Lucky 7 as well as improve and expand Video Ezy and Blockbuster’s product offering.

“We are very confident that the ‘store in store’ concept is compelling for the consumer as it heightens the convenience of a one stop shop for grocery items, DVD’s and electronic  games,” he said.

The Lucky 7 concept stores will  range in size from 25 to 50 square metres and stock more than 500  different product lines covering staple items like newspapers, bread, milk and snack foods.

The three month trial could lead to the integration of the Lucky 7 convenience concept stores in the more than 650 Blockbuster and Video Ezy outlets.

Campbells now supplies the Lucky 7 branding, products and supply system for 350 convenience stores across Australia.

Managing director of Franchise Entertainment Group (FEG), which owns Video Ezy and Blockbuster Australia, Paul Uniacke, said he the alliance will broaden the appeal of both company’s networks.

“We are confident that the trial will be a great success and we can roll out the Lucky 7 concept stores in the majority of our outlets across both city and regional areas. This is yet another way that FEG is delivering on its stated 2020 business strategy of making home rental stores relevant,” he said.