With the successful recruitment of Fantastic Furniture as its latest client, Lombard Finance’s point-of-sale credit campaign is now putting the company in the same playing field of current market leaders HSBC and GE.

Paul Vanni, Lombard Finance executive director, said its point-of-sale campaign is able to offer the flexibility and personalised service of a smaller operation.

“Since launching our Lombard Card revolving line of credit in early 2007, followed quickly by our Lombard Visa Card, we have been able to provide retailers with more versatile finance products than our competitors, and back them up with premium customer service,” he said.

“We currently hold only a small percentage of the market, but are experiencing strong growth and believe we are now in a position to increase our market share significantly.”

According to Vanni, its online application processes, same day payment and high approval rates are making it appealing to both retailers and their customers.

“Our retail customers find our easy telephone and online application processes, same day payment and high approval rate of particular benefit, helping sales staff to quickly close the sale and move onto the next customer.  This means both customer and retailer are happy, and can look forward to repeat purchases without going through the application process again,” he said.