Australian RFID solutions company, RAMP has partnered with Rhythm Snowsports, helping snow sport enthusiasts get their hands on snow sports brands faster.

RAMP is an industry-leading provider of RFID technology and solutions, highly experienced in the deployment of hardware and software components to solve inventory tracking and vehicle location information issues.

The new partnership involves the integration of RAMP’s Retail RFID solution with Rhythm Snowsports’ Retail Express point of sale system (POS) to improve inventory management, security and customer service.

Based in Cooma, Rhythm Snowsports is Australia’s largest snow sports retailer with operations that span two countries – Australia and Japan, an online store, a large warehouse, and growing number of physical stores. The business carries over 200 brands across departments including snowboards, skis, cross-country and fashion.

RAMP CEO, Peter Reinke said, “As a large and growing, 24-hour retail operation, Rhythm Snowsports needed an upgrade in security to help find and protect valuable stock, while improving the management of fast-moving inventory of over 100,000 items.

“Offering seamless integration with the existing Retail Express POS system, RAMP has helped reduce stock loss, make stocktakes easy and fast, improved product visibility for customer service and accelerated the speed of fulfilment of online orders.

“As a rapidly expanding business, growing inventory meant that a failing legacy security system that used magnetic tags was in need of urgent upgrade. At the same time, the business used spreadsheets for inventory management, taking up to a week to update and process for the annual stocktake.

“Further, finding stock in the vast store environment to quickly respond to customer enquiries and fulfil orders from the increasingly popular e-commerce offering was taking a lot of time and staff resources. The new system is revolutionising how the business manages and tracks stock and delivers customer service both in-store and online.”

Rhythm Snowsports, e-commerce manager, Naomi Nevin added, “RAMP RFID makes it easier to find stock in-store or in the warehouse to fulfil online orders. The team can literally cruise the store with a handheld reader to find what they need and ship it immediately. We have reduced out-of-stocks and increased customer satisfaction.”