Accenture and Lendlease are expanding their partnership to further invest in developing Lendlease’s industry-leading Podium Property Insights (PPI) platform. 

Using real-time data collected from sensors within building environments, PPI provides real estate managers with sustainability and productivity insights to better understand how their workplaces are utilised to meet sustainability, cost and employee engagement goals.  

Lendlease is also extending the PPI platform into retail portfolios with a new augmented reality (AR) capability that creates immersive retail experiences. 

With the use of AI, AR and VR, Accenture and Lendlease trialled an experience in a Singapore shopping mall during Chinese New Year, allowing customers to access in-store offers, digital tokens and NFTs.  

Over the four-week trial, 10,000 wallets were created via a mobile app and 29,000 offers collected and viewed across 50 participating stores.  

Lendlease Digital CEO, William Ruh said, “The aim of our collaboration with Accenture is to embrace new trends, understand the human need behind them, and use those insights to reimagine our built environment and how we interact with it. We believe that blended reality has a key role to play in creating the best places of the future.” 

Accenture lead for Australia and New Zealand, Peter Burns said a recent Accenture report found that more than nine in 10 (93%) of CEOs globally are facing 10 or more simultaneous challenges to their businesses including climate change, rising energy costs, skill shortages and price volatility.  

“Through this unique collaboration with Lendlease, we are helping companies adapt their corporate and retail real estate for this changing environment, enabling them to meet sustainability and efficiency targets and provide environments in which their employees can thrive.”